What is the Keystone Center?

Founded in 1975 by Robert W. Craig, The Keystone Center was established to independently facilitate the resolution of national policy conflicts.

"There's a certain nobility in things that human beings do that is separate from conquest ... it's human determination to achieve something." - Robert W. Craig, founder

Leading the Ascent is a short documentary-style video produced by the Academy Award-winning team at Milkhaus that tells the remarkable story of our founder and why he created The Keystone Center. It features national leaders in energy, environment, health, and government who explain how The Keystone Center helps build trust among stakeholders with differing interests, finds the point at which diverse values align with sound data and science, and promotes an environment in which leaders can work together to untangle complicated and critical policy issues. 


New Coalition Brings Together Diverse Stakeholders to Improve Honey Bee Health

June 18, 2014 - At the Saint Louis Zoo’s Annual Pollinator Dinner last night, The Keystone Center announced the formation of a new Honey Bee Health Coalition. See the full press release.

Moab Master Leasing Plan Report is Released

Moab-picThe Keystone Center recently facilitated two Moab Master Leasing Plan Stakeholder Mapping Workshops that were initiated independent of the BLM’s MLP process. A final report is now available, which synthesizes the range of stakeholder input on interests and management suggestions.

Report issued on Colorado's Personal Belief Exemption Policy for Immunizations

The report is the result of six months’ work by a stakeholder group convened to study the state’s personal belief exemption policy and make recommendations to update it. Read more here.

Licensing Educators for Academic Development

The Licensing Educators for Academic Development (LEAD) Compact was formed to help inform legislation in the 2014 session regarding the entire educator continuum: preparation, licensure, professional development, and career pathways. The LEAD Compact met several times between August and December 2013. Find out more about the Compact, and read meeting summaries and final recommendations here.

cows-bwInnovating for more sustainable beef

We’re bringing together beef producers, packers, processors, retail and foodservice companies, and non-governmental organizations to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the sustainability of the beef supply chain. Read more here.